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Delhila AQHA AKA-BIG RED & BIG PRINZY {Princess Delhila now 27 /retired & a few Show Pics & few of her foals/more soon.
Delhila is the foundation mare of our Appaloosa mares.Whos Who in AQHA & APHC bloodlines.
Dam & Grand dam  of many APHC & Open winners.
Princess Monjo
Joker B,Wapiti,Money-Creeks Monte-Time,Jokers Monte,Prince Plaudit,Hy Plaudit,Powder Quilt,Oklahoma Star&Red Dog.Just to name drop a few of the  FAMOUS horses in their pedigrees. Princess Monjo 1989~2010
   "Pants" 97 colt by
Princess Delhila INFO
Delhila{AQHA} & Princess Delhila & Princess Monjo represent 3 generations of SHOW Producing mares for us.Not to mention all the wonderful good times. Big Prinzy & Little Prinzy both had leopard fillys in 2006-2005. 2009 FANCY Gelding for sale. LAST ONE~
These next  pages will be about our AQHA & APHC mares & their backrounds.. Most of these mares are show producers & daughters are producers. Some of these pictures are very old so sorry for the quality but  are all I have Sadly. Please wait 4 pictures to load..Thanks.      
Princess Delhila
Check 4 foals from these mares.
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