2009 FOALS
Skippys Filly @ 30days & about 2 mos below.Skippys dam is  ~4 yr mare 4 sale~
Skip The Gold Fever. Dam SOLD~
Shastas Filly @ about 6 weeks & she is a Doll !!!! Both SOLD. Have a Gold maternal sister to Shasta that may be for sale.
Skip The Gold Fever AKA Beast~ colt right @ about 2 months.
Skip The Gold Fever AKA Beast has a ton of show backround. Check Broodmare pages. Beast is retired so no more like him or his sisters.
Check out Skipper on stallion page.~SOLD~Show Winner~
Jolettas colt 2 pictures  below .
2011 full brother for sale /check index & for sale  pages for picture.
Zoeys Colt *There won't be anymore as Zoey is Retired to trail riding with friends.
    This colt is BEAUTIFUL !
3/4 brother to Galaxy.This is a very friendy nice colt that is gentle enuf for youth.
He has turned Chocolate with Flaxy mane & Tail !! SUPER!!!
Last foal out of Princess Monjo.
~Started Riding~
~Very Quiet~
UPDATED 4~25~2013
Check out Grown~Up Skippers page/Show
~Galaxy 3/4 Sister is FOR SALE~