TMF Whata Galant Joe pictured here{rear} just foaled 5-18-08,@30 days & 8-3-08  by TMF Whataman AKA Trigger. Joe has two high rear stockings & beautiful blaze.Superior disposition & personality & has all four GOLD studs we owned in his pedigree..Joe is for sale with a prewean price so call or email. His full bro is 5 & riding great in mounted shooting & team penning.Joe could pleasure also..His 3/4 sister Joesy is also riding great. 2 side pix taken @ 30 days.Show/gelding incentives.Good enuff 4 stud. All SOLD Fall 2008..Check back
Zoeys 08 colt on his birthday & @ 3 weeks & 8-3-08..Starman is a big muscled colt with three stockings & blaze & Flaxy tail.All Zoeys babys are people friendly & ride.BY Trigger. Tailwind,bonanza,Skipper W & more.StarMan is a BIG FAT Friendly Gentle~Natured FANCY COLT!
All-around pedigree & could make a stud or show gelding.Incentives.{SOLD Fall 2008}
Zoey has produced show winner.  foals link below. Gold Daughter of Zoey 4 SALE~Last One by Galant~ TMF Dazeling Opal Gal~In foal to Zippo Stallion for 2013~
Princess Delhila @ 23 years young with her 08 filly by Trigger~Birthday
All these foals are{SOLD} by Trigger by Galant Mans Bar. Foals available/prewean price. Siblings,mares.riders on other pages.  All offers always considered to show .
Fillys  by Trigger with all-around pedigree & gold inside & out!! Siblings 4 sale.
UPDATED 4~25-2013
Check back  for more Palomino Foals by TRIGGER by Galant Mans Bar.  Thanks
2009 FOALS
2008 Filly FOR SALE
Siblings 4 SALE~