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SUGAR  is a peformance bred filly by Galant mans Bar & Dam is Docs Prescription, Cody, Sugar Muscles, Skip Or Print,Sugar Bars & more...Lots of color & show pedigree. Dam is also show producer of POA champion..SUGAR is a very GOLD filly with chrome. Recent picture of Sugar & friends on next page 12-29-07.. Winter Price $2500. Sugar is started riding.
    An all-around prospect by Galant Mans Bar & Dam is Joletta by Cowboy Joe Fox,Glints Cowboy,Rochester Star,Miss Atomic Beauty & lotsa Skipper W,Bonanza,Tailwind + Joe should be COLOR sire after their peformance carrers.
FANCY-FANCY MAN with depth of pedigree to back him up!    check links below for close relatives & siblings..       
Below are two 2011 pictures of TMF Galant Cowboy Joe ~Thanks Walt & Diane for the Beautiful new pictures  & looks like you love Joe as much as we do.
These foals are the LAST from our GOLD SHOW SIRE Galant Mans Bar & are  pictured @ a few days old & various ages & are weaned,{SOLD} email me for terms on siblings.Cloud is not sold/see his Stud page.From $500.I will also take PayPal/DWNPMT  with Seriousinquirysplease.
Galants GOLD son
TMF WhataMan AKA TRIGGER will be filling in for Galant now.Also Galantly Zipped by Galant . TMF Whata Skipin Man 2009 GOLD Stud .Also some mares,riders & prospects for sale.
Jack is a very nice disposition colt &  performance Stallion  prospect with a pretty head,lovely neck & throat latch,short back,muscle definition & clean gold color with very white mane & tail.. . Jack is  {SOLD}.Mare Sold.
New pic of Jack 12-29-07 & our new APHC stallion "Cloud". Tippers White Cloud. Cloud  will stand @ stud here  . . Cloud will sire 100% color on all mares.Check out his page & his 1st colt /lotsa Color..
UPDATED  11-14-2011
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